Tax Lien Certificate and Deed Investing Software

Tax Lien Software for the Individual Investor

Quickly and easily record
tax lien certificate information

1. Property address,
2. County where the property resides,
3. Type of property (e.g. residential, commercial),
4. Acreage,
5. Tax parcel number & property number,
6. Section, Township, & Range information,
7. Owner information,
8. Import picture of property,
9. Place legal description and other notes,
10. Plus more.

Enter Significant Dates

1. Purchase date,
2. Redemption date,
3. Foreclosure date,
4. Deed Application date,
5. Subsequent taxes due date,
6. File tax Deed date,
7. Plus ‘Other’ dates.

Enter Tax Lien Financial Information

1. Cost of lien,
2. Face value of lien,
3. Enter subsequent costs incurred and dates,
4. Land value,
5. Improved value,
6. Assessed value,
7. Fair market value,
8. Accrual rate on tax certificate,
9. Accrual basis: Face value or Premium,
10. Accrual type: Simple Interest, Compound Interest or Flat rate

Import tax certificate information
from databases

Import tax lien information from county or 3rd-party vendor provided lists. Quickly and easily sort, evaluate & print tax lien information by various criteria for due diligence and auction preparation.

Calendar & Pop Reminders

Never forget an important date again when you enter event information into the calendar system. Enter dates such as the redemption date, foreclosure deadline, registration deadline, application deadline and much more!

Print Reports

Print many reports such as a report on an individual tax lien certificate investment or an entire portfolio.

1. Detail on each tax lien certificate owned,
2. Listing of all tax lien certificates owned,
3. Open tax lien certificates,
4. Redeemed tax lien certificates,
5. Detail on each county information,
6. Listing of all county information,
7. Calendar: weekly, or monthly.
8. Report on imported tax lien information.

Enter and Maintain Each County's Contact and Vital Information

1. Name of county,
2. Address,
3. Phone number, fax, and county website,
4. Contact person,
5. Auction location,
6. Auction registration information & date,
7. Newspaper information,
8. ‘Other’ notes section,
9. Next auction date,
10. Property tax dues dates,
11. Bid method,
12. Payment type accepted.
13. Plus more.

Just missing one deadline or forgetting just one critical step can jeopardize your investment return, or worse, cost you thousands of dollars!

And certainly, avoiding those mistakes and having the confidence that you will stay on top of your investments will more than pay for the cost of this tax lien software.

Tax Lien Software Features